Decision Day


Lathrop, Mo. May 16, 2024 — Lathrop High School hosted its annual

“Decision Day,” to celebrate 76 graduating high school seniors’ future

plans. The event was possible through the generous sponsorships of

Decker Construction Services, Goppert Financial Bank, The Hamilton

Bank, His and Hers Sports Gallery, Missouri Western State University,

Northwest Missouri State University, and the rootEd Alliance. It's

heartwarming to see communities like Lathrop come together to support

their graduating seniors.

Events like Decision Day not only celebrate the achievements of these

students but also underscore the importance of planning for the future.

Among select high schools statewide, Lathrop High School has added a

dedicated college and career advisor, the rootEd Advisor. These advisors

work alongside school counselors to ensure students have the resources

needed to chart a path beyond high school.

This is the second year that Lathrop’s rootEd Advisor, Susan Rupert has

been working with students to develop their plans. She strives to provide

opportunities for students to explore various postsecondary options.

Whether it is further education, military service, or going straight into the

workforce, this exposure is crucial in helping them make informed decisions

about their future.

Mules have been able to tour college campuses, meet with military

recruiters, and attend guest speaker presentations. Participate in job

shadowing, and fairs, complete applications, and network with over 60

professionals during the Annual LHS College & Career Fair. These

experiences not only expose students to different career paths but also

help them develop important skills and networks that will serve them well in

the years to come.

Having a dedicated college and career advisor like Mrs. Rupert shows the

Lathrop School District is committed to ensuring that every student has the

resources and guidance they need to succeed beyond high school,

regardless of their chosen path.

About rootEd Alliance

rootEd Alliance, Inc. is a collaborative effort founded by family

business owners and philanthropists who recognize that all

students need more than a high school diploma to succeed in

today’s economy. Rural students face unique barriers to pursuing

a postsecondary pathway, and rootEd aims to remove these

barriers and expand opportunity by investing philanthropic capital

in a transformative advising model and partnering with states to

bring it to scale. The rootEd model trains and places dedicated

advisors in rural high schools. This ensures students have the

resources they need to chart a path beyond high school—to the

military or technical school, community college, or a bachelor’s

degree. The rootEd model has a proven track record of success

across rural communities in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Idaho.

rootEd Alliance was born out of BDT & Company’s commitment to

convening and catalyzing philanthropists around big ideas that

are under-resourced and overlooked, with great potential for

impact. For more information, please visit: