The Board recognizes the relationship between student well-being and student achievement as well as the importance of a comprehensive district wellness program. Therefore, the district will provide developmentally appropriate and sequential nutrition and physical education as well as opportunities for physical activity. The wellness program will be implemented in a multidisciplinary fashion and will be evidence-based.

Wellness Committee

The district will establish a wellness committee that consists of at least one parent, student, nurse, or other school health professional, physical education teacher, school food service representative, Board member, school administrator, member of the public, and other community members as appropriate. If available, a qualified, credentialed nutrition professional will be a member of the wellness committee.

Wellness Program Coordinators

The Board designates the school nurse as the wellness program coordinator. Only employees of the district who are members of the wellness committee may serve as wellness program coordinators. Wellness coordinators, in consultation with the wellness committee, will be in charge of the implementation and evaluation of this policy. Meetings, records, and votes of the wellness committee will adhere to the requirements of the Missouri Sunshine Law.

Wellness program coordinators are responsible for ensuring that each school in the district is in compliance with this policy.