Under normal circumstances, the school nurse will contact you only if your child is definitely ill. Students with mild headaches, stomachaches or sore throats will receive standard health interventions or first aid with a goal of returning to class. The Health Room will notify parent/guardian and may send students home from school for the following:

  • Elevated temperature of 99.6 degrees or greater

  • Confirmed vomiting or diarrhea

  • Head injury

  • Serious injury or illness is evident (First Aid will be given and EMS may be contacted)

  • Head lice have been confirmed in student’s hair. (Students may return to school following appropriate treatment and be cleared by the school nurse upon returning. )

When should my child be kept home from school?

  • If your child has a temperature of 99.6 degrees or greater, or your child’s behavior indicates he/she is really not feeling well. Children should remain home until they fever free.

  • If your child has vomiting or diarrhea in the morning before school.

  • If your child has any discharge, itching or crusting of eyelids. These may be symptoms of a bacterial infection of the eye called conjunctivitis, which is highly contagious. Your child should stay home and see a doctor.

  • If your child has a questionable skin condition or rash, your child should stay home and see a doctor

  • If your child is complaining of severe or persistent pain, your child should stay home and see a doctor.

  • If your child has complained of a sore throat for longer than a week or complains of difficulty/pain while swallowing, regardless of whether or not he/she has a fever, your child should stay home and be seen by a doctor. (Strep throat, when untreated, can lead to rheumatic fever and other systemic illness.)

  • If your child has cold/cough symptoms that will interfere with his/her ability to participate in the classroom.

  • If there are any signs of head lice or nits in the child’s hair, your child should stay home and be treated. Once treated your child may return to school after being checked by the school nurse.