Medication to be given at school:

Certain over the counter medications are available for students’ use during the year and may be dispensed only with written or verbal parent/guardian permission. A detailed list of these medications is available on the current Student Health Inventory form. You may review this form on the Lathrop School Website-Health tab. The Health Room staff will only give these medications according to the recommended dose on the bottle, unless a written order from the doctor is received.

  • All medication to be taken at school must be brought in to the Health Room by a parent or other responsible adult. Please do not give medications to teachers.

  • Prescription medication must be in a current prescription bottle labeled with the student’s name, physician’s name, name of medication with dosage and directions – no loose pills sent to school in baggies will be given to students!

  • Any prescription medication given to your child at school must be accompanied by a written doctor’s order authorizing the Health Room to administer the medication to your child OR authorizing your child to self-administer the medication. (A new order is required every school year)

  • It is the student’s responsibility to report to the Health Room at the time his/her medication is to be given.

Authorization Forms are available in the Health Room and on the school website for this purpose. Forms may be faxed directly to the doctor’s office by the school if a parent signs the form.