Lathrop School District takes seriously the impact of health on the ability to learn. Several years ago the school district developed a CARE Team composed of parents, school faculty and community members and professionals, which meets twice a year. Its purpose is to examine ways to improve the health of the students, faculty and community. Promotion of nutrition and physical activity has been the cornerstone of the CARE Team activities: improvements in vending machines, nutrition education and cafeteria meals were already underway in 2005 when the government mandated public schools to develop a Wellness Policy in response to the health impact of childhood obesity on our nation’s future. Health curriculum has also been gradually expanded to better prepare students to making good lifestyle choices, and we know it had made a difference as they have become more interested in their health. In order to promote health and role modeling, district staff members also have access to exercise equipment, annual wellness exams focusing on heart health and nutrition and classes on stress management, nutrition and smoking cessation. Recently, the vision of the CARE Team has expanded to explore ways the district can have a greater impact on students and families with health conditions. Our belief is that every educational institution should be an important resource for the community: Lathrop School District is striving to excel in all areas, including health promotion.